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May 2019

Urchin (software)
Urchin was a web statistics analysis program developed by Urchin Software Corporation. Urchin analyzed web server log file content and displayed the traffic
Google Analytics
marketing strategy. Google acquired Urchin Software Corp. in April 2005. Google's service was developed from Urchin on Demand. The system also brings ideas
game HMS Urchin, five ships of the British Royal Navy Urchin Software Corporation, a US web analytics company owned by Google Urchin (software), a series
List of web analytics software
"Software withdrawal and support discontinuance: IBM Unica NetInsight". April 8, 2014. Muret, Paul (January 20, 2012). "The End of an Era for Urchin Software"
Wesley Chan
launched Google Analytics and Google Voice where he led acquisitions of Urchin Software Corporation and GrandCentral Communications. Among the projects he
UTM parameters
Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters are five variants of URL parameters used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns
Angelfish software
List of web analytics software Google Retires Web Analytics Software Tool Urchin Web Host Industry Review, 2013-01-23. Urchin is Closing Marketing Land
List of mergers and acquisitions by Alphabet
Google is a computer software and a web search engine company that acquired, on average, more than one company per week in 2010 and 2011. The table below
List of Google products
ad campaigns, based on the statistics. Analytics are based on the Urchin software. Google Surveys – market research tool. Google Correlate – search patterns
Sand dollar
South Africa) refers to species of extremely flattened, burrowing sea urchins belonging to the order Clypeasteroida. Some species within the order, not