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September 2019

Three-tier system
have three tiers, composed of a presentation tier, a domain logic tier, and a data storage tier Three-tier system (alcohol distribution), a system of alcohol
Three-tier system (alcohol distribution)
The three-tier system of alcohol distribution is the system for distributing alcoholic beverages set up in the United States after the repeal of Prohibition
Multitier architecture
tier is a physical structuring mechanism for the system infrastructure. For example, a three-layer solution could easily be deployed on a single tier
Three-tier education
are taught in three distinct school types. A similar system was trialled in Scotland. In a three-tier authorities children begin their compulsory education
Rutlish School
the education system in Merton was altered to use a three-tier structure (primary, middle and high school) in place of the former two-tier structure and
Two-tier system
two-tier system is a type of payroll system in which one group of workers receives lower wages and/or employee benefits than another. The two-tier system
Upper school
fully align with the three-tier system. In some areas (such as Leicestershire) where this type of school is in use, the middle-tier schools are known as
Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act
services have criticized the DPRA’s burden on webcasters, since the three-tiered system places a higher burden on the interactive Internet transmission services
Megan's Law
supplements Megan's Law with new registration requirements and a three-tier system for classifying sex offenders according to certain listed offenses
List of banks in Hong Kong
Hong Kong maintains a three-tier system of deposit-taking institutions, i.e. licensed banks, restricted licence banks and deposit-taking companies. They