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July 2020

Real variable
Real variable may refer to: A variable taking real values, see Function of a real variable A free variable (archaic) Real versus nominal value (economics)
Function of a real variable
function of a real variable is a function whose domain is the real numbers ℝ, or a subset of ℝ that contains an interval of positive length. Most real functions
Function of several real variables
of several real variables or real multivariate function is a function with more than one argument, with all arguments being real variables. This concept
Real analysis
In particular, an analytic function of a real variable extends naturally to a function of a complex variable. It is in this way that the exponential function
Convex function
function of one real variable, and f ( 0 ) ≤ 0 {\displaystyle f(0)\leq 0} , then f {\displaystyle f} is superadditive on the positive reals. Proof. Since
Random variable
statistics, a random variable, random quantity, aleatory variable, or stochastic variable is described informally as a variable whose values depend on
Variable (mathematics)
the term variable refers commonly to the arguments of the functions. This is typically the case in sentences like "function of a real variable", "x is
Free variables and bound variables
expression. Some older books use the terms real variable and apparent variable for free variable and bound variable, respectively. The idea is related to a
Continuous or discrete variable
mathematics, a variable may be continuous or discrete. If it can take on two particular real values such that it can also take on all real values between
Real versus nominal value (economics)
nominal value is measured in terms of money, whereas real value is measured against goods or services. A real value is one which has been adjusted for inflation