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August 2020

Range searching
In data structures, the range searching problem most generally consists of preprocessing a set S of objects, in order to determine which objects from
Z-order curve
of the hatched area. Searching in decreasing direction is analogous with LITMAX which is the highest Z-value in the query range lower than F. The BIGMIN
Cartesian tree
sequence. Introduced by Vuillemin (1980) in the context of geometric range searching data structures, Cartesian trees have also been used in the definition
Range tree
Orthogonal Range Searching: I. The Reporting Case" (PDF). ACM. 37: 200–212. Chazelle, Bernard (1990). "Lower Bounds for Orthogonal Range Searching: II. The
Computational geometry
increased processing time. For example, the range searching problem may be converted into the dynamic range searching problem by providing for addition and/or
K-d tree
gained by not searching for the best point exhaustively. One of its implementations is best-bin-first search. A range search searches for ranges of parameters
Range query (database)
singleton. Match at least one of the requested keys. B+ tree k-d tree R-tree Range searching "SQL BETWEEN Operator". W3Schools. Retrieved 4 November 2014.
Contextual searching
acts as a mediator between the user query and other search engines. When searching on Inquirus 2, users enter a query and specify constraints such as the
Fractional cascading
Chazelle & Guibas 1986b), combined the idea of cascading, originating in range searching data structures of Lueker (1978) and Willard (1978), with the idea
Binary search algorithm
searching, such as hash tables, that can be searched more efficiently than binary search. However, binary search can be used to solve a wider range of