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April 2020

Public-domain software
Public-domain software is software that has been placed in the public domain: in other words, there is absolutely no ownership such as copyright, trademark
Public domain
and are therefore in the public domain—among them the formulae of Newtonian physics, cooking recipes, and all computer software created prior to 1974. Other
Public-domain-equivalent license
the public domain. In 2000, the "Do What the Fuck You Want To Public License" (WTFPL) was released as a public-domain-equivalent license for software. It
Public domain in the United States
films in the public domain in the United States List of public domain tangos Public domain film Public domain music Public domain software Berne Convention
Software license
cannot be copyrighted. Authors of copyrighted software can donate their software to the public domain, in which case it is also not covered by copyright
Free software license
copyright", software was not considered copyrightable. Therefore, software had no licenses attached and was shared as public-domain software. The CONTU
Free software
rights. Software that is not covered by copyright law, such as software in the public domain, is free as long as the source code is in the public domain too
Alternative terms for free software
to the 1990s software culture, the "free software" concept combined the nowadays differentiated software classes of public domain software, Freeware, Shareware
Application software
limitations, time decays or expiring dates to the license terms of use. Public-domain software is a type of FOSS, which is royalty-free and - openly or reservedly-
used as a free software license. As a public domain like license, the WTFPL is essentially the same as dedication to the public domain. It allows redistribution