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September 2020

Marathi language
Marathi (English: /məˈrɑːti/; मराठी, Marāṭhī, Marathi: [məˈɾaʈʰi] (listen)) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken predominantly by around 83 million Marathi
Marathi-language television
The Marathi language television industry was started in India in 1984. Although earlier confined to a half an hour slot in the national television Doordarshan
Marathi Language Day
Marathi Language Day (Marathi Din, Marathi Diwas : मराठी दिन, मराठी दिवस) is celebrated on February 27 every year across the Indian states of Maharashtra
Marathi Wikipedia
The Marathi Wikipedia (Marathi: मराठी विकिपीडिया) is the Marathi language edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia, and
by the Marathi people Palaiosouda, also known as Marathi, a small island in Greece Marathi cinema, films produced in the Marathi language Marathi literature
List of Marathi-language newspapers
The Marathi language has a long history of literature and culture. The first Marathi newspaper, Darpan, was started on 6 January 1832 by Balshastri Jambhekar
List of Marathi-language poets
This is a list of Marathi language poets. Annabhau Sathe Arun Krushnaji Kamble Arun Kolatkar Atmaram Ravaji Deshpande B. S. Mardhekar Bahinabai Chaudhari
Marathi-Konkani languages
The Marathi-Konkani languages are the mainland Southern Indic languages, spoken in Maharashtra and the Konkan region of India. Languages are: Marathi, Maharashtrian
Marathi people
The Marathi people, also rendered as Marathis or Maharashtrian, are an ethnolinguistic group who speak Marathi, an Indo-Aryan language as their native
Zee Marathi
Zee Marathi is an Indian television channel which carries programming in Marathi, an Indian language spoken predominantly by the Marathi people of Maharashtra