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August 2018

List of fictional pachyderms
This list of fictional pachyderms is a subsidiary to the List of fictional ungulates. Characters from various fictional works are organized by medium.
Lists of fictional animals
porcupines) List of fictional ungulates (cattle, zebras, deer, camels, giraffes)List of fictional horses List of fictional pachyderms (elephants, rhinoceroses
Lists of animals
List of individual monkeys List of fictional pachyderms List of pigs List of giant pandas List of wealthiest animals List of animals with fraudulent diplomas
List of miscellaneous fictional animals
ungulates See also List of fictional horses See also List of fictional pachyderms (elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotami) See also List of fictional pigs Armored
List of fictional ungulates
by medium. This paraphyletic list includes all fictional hooved characters except fictional horses, fictional pachyderms (elephants, hippopotamuses, and
List of fictional ungulates in animation
This list includes deer, moose, bovids, giraffes, camels, donkeys, and zebras, but excludes fictional horses, fictional pigs, and fictional pachyderms as
Lists of elephants
Lists of elephants on Wikipedia include: List of elephants in mythology and religion List of individual elephants List of fictional pachyderms
Lists of fictional species
There are a number of lists of fictional species: List of fictional extraterrestrials (by media type) Lists of fictional alien species: A, B, C, D,
National Park List of odd-toed ungulates by population Nicolaas Jan van Strien Save the Rhino Abada Clara List of fictional pachyderms Rhinoceros of Versailles
List of fictional ungulates in literature
various works of literature. This list includes deer, moose, cattle, giraffes, camels, donkeys, sheep and zebras, but excluding horses, pachyderms and pigs