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December 2018

Lina Morgan
19 August 2015), better known as Lina Morgan, was a Spanish film, theatre and television actress and showgirl. Morgan was born during the Spanish Civil
The Complete Idiot (1970 film)
Orduña and starring Lina Morgan, Arturo Fernández and Paca Gabaldón. It is a remake of the 1939 film of the same title. Lina Morgan as Susana Arturo Fernández
Vedette (cabaret)
origin; Vicky Lagos; Vicky Lusson; Katia Loritz; Esperanza Roy, and Lina Morgan, one of the country's most momentous comic strips. Sara Montiel, deserves
Jenny Llada
Who Knew Love (1978) The Worker (1983) Comas p.177 Jesús García Orts. Lina Morgan: de Angelines a Excelentísima Señora. Editorial Club Universitario, 2015
Escenas de Matrimonio
marriage that are not supported each other. Her mother, Florinda, played by Lina Morgan will be very top of them, being anxious to get divorced because they
Malena Gracia
participated in the first chapters of Hostal Royal Manzanares [es] with Lina Morgan, a series that obtained audience levels of 46% and 8,500,000 spectators
Lina (American singer)
commonly known as Lina, is an American R&B and soul singer and songwriter. Lina was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in, Texas. Lina’s introduction to
Mar Saura
she appeared in the series One Two (1998–1999) and acted alongside Lina Morgan on Spanish Television, in addition to having cameos in episodes of other
Need for Speed Payback
despite Lina having rigged the race for profit. Lina tries to have him taken out, but fails. Weir proposes Tyler a way to take down The House and Lina along
Tony Leblanc
several films, debuting as director of El pobre García, a comedy starring Lina Morgan and Manolo Gómez Bur. He finally abandoned work as a producer and director