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December 2018

Jo Dong-hyuk
Jo Dong-hyuk (born December 11, 1977) is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in Make It Big (2002), followed by erotic films Hypnotized (2004)
name include: Entertainers and musicians Hwang Dong-hyuk (born 1971), South Korean film director Jo Dong-hyuk (born 1977), South Korean actor Dong-Hyek Lim
Bad Guys (TV series)
television series starring Kim Sang-joong, Park Hae-jin, Ma Dong-seok, Jo Dong-hyuk and Kang Ye-won. It aired on OCN from October 4 to December 13, 2014
Searching for the Elephant
produced by S.K. Jhung (a.k.a. Jhung Seung-koo). It stars Jang Hyuk, Jo Dong-hyuk and Lee Sang-woo as three male friends who deal with sex addiction, anxiety
Brain (TV series)
medical drama, starring Shin Ha-kyun, Choi Jung-won, Jung Jin-young and Jo Dong-hyuk. The series revolves around a top neurosurgeon who is obsessed with success
List of Law of the Jungle episodes
아마존이 너무해" (in Korean). Media News. 12 January 2013. Retrieved 30 July 2017. Jo, Seong-pil (25 January 2013). "[정글] 김병만, 콩가개미 물린 뒤 목 통증…촬영중단" (in Korean)
List of South Korean male actors
Jo Byung-gyu Jo Dong-hyuk Jo Han-sun Jo Hee-bong Jo Hyun-jae Jo Hyun-sik Jo In-sung Jo Jae-yoon Jo Jung-suk Jo Kwan-woo Jo Kwon Jo Min-ki Jo Se-ho Jo
Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education
show, he would only be joining temporarily for the show's first project. Jo Dal-han, Park Sung Ho, and SHINee‘s Minho were revealed as the first guests
The K2
Seung-mok as Congressman Kim Lee Han-wi as President's secretary (Ep. 10) Jo Dong-hyuk as JSS Special Ops captain (Ep. 8) Choi Jung-min Park Jung-sang The drama
Kim Joo-hyuk
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