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August 2020

IAI Searcher
The IAI Searcher (also known by the Hebrew name מרומית Meyromit - "Marsh tern", or officially in Israel as the חוגלה Hugla - "Alectoris") is a reconnaissance
List of active Indian military aircraft
Conversion trainer U/UM 39 UAV IAI Harop Israel Loitering munition IAI Heron Israel Surveillance Heron 1 68 IAI Searcher Israel Surveillance Mk. I / II
Searcher or Searchers may refer to: HMS Searcher, a list of ships HMS Searcher (D40), a British escort carrier USS Searcher (AGR-4), a United States radar
IAI Scout
the Israeli Army until the early 1990s, when they were replaced by the IAI Searcher. General characteristics Crew: none Capacity: 38 kg (84 lb) payload Length:
IAI Harpy
The IAI Harpy is a loitering munition produced by Israel Aerospace Industries. The Harpy is designed to attack radar systems and is optimised for the
INAS 343
Squadron 343) is an aviation squadron of the Indian Navy, operating IAI Heron and IAI Searcher MkII UAVs based at Porbandar. It is the second squadron in the
IAI Eitan
The IAI Eitan (איתן – "Steadfast"; export designation Heron TP) is an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft developed in Israel in the early 21st century by
No. 11 Flight SLAF
reformed into No. 111 and No. 112 on 1 June, 2008. RQ-2 Pioneer IAI Scout IAI Searcher Searcher MKII "No 111 UAV Squadron Celebrates its 6th Annivesary | Sri
No. 111 Squadron SLAF
reconnaissance role using unmanned aerial vehicles. It currently operates the IAI Searcher Mk II from SLAF Vavuniya. Until 2008 the unit was an independent flight
IAI Lavi
The IAI Lavi (Hebrew: לביא, "Young Lion") was a single-engined fourth-generation multirole jet fighter developed in Israel, by Israel Aircraft Industries