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August 2019

Host adapter
In computer hardware, a host controller, host adapter, or host bus adapter (HBA) connects a computer, which acts as the host system, to other network and
SCSI host adapter
A SCSI host adapter is a device used to connect one or more other SCSI devices to a computer bus. It is commonly called a SCSI controller, which is not
Adapter (computing)
computer to analog signals for input to an amplifier. A host adapter, host controller or host bus adapter (HBA) is a circuit board or device which allows peripheral
Disk controller
component that allows a computer to talk to a peripheral bus is host adapter or host bus adapter (HBA). On the other hand, a disk controller allows a disk to
Network interface controller
controller (NIC, also known as a network interface card, network adapter, LAN adapter or physical network interface, and by similar terms) is a computer
supplies for consumer electronics are called AC adapters, or variously power bricks, wall warts, or chargers. A host controller connects a computer to a peripheral
Parallel SCSI
Thunderbolt-to-PCI Express adapters, it is again possible to use SCSI devices on laptops, by installing PCI Express SCSI host adapters using a laptop's ExpressCard
initiator (host adapter). On modern host adapters (since about 1997), doing I/O to the adapter sets the SCSI ID; for example, the adapter often contains
Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
SCSI support), a SCSI host adapter, and SCSI devices connected to the host adapter. The ASPI manager is specific to the host adapter and operating system;
Host controller interface
Host Controller Interface (non-volatile memory), an interface that enables SATA Express / NVM Express SSDs to communicate with a driver Host adapter Advanced