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July 2020

The Arabic name امارات, romanized as emarat, is the internationalized country code top-level domain for the United Arab Emirates. The ASCII name of this
Emarat Rezk
Emarat Rezk (Arabic: إمارات رزق‎) (born September 16, 1985) is a Syrian TV actress. She has played many roles in popular TV series including Bab al-Hara
Danat Al Emarat Women and Children's Hospital
Danat Al Emarat Hospital (DAE) or Mother of Pearl is a hospital dedicated to women and children in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Sitting on a land area
Emarat Al Youm
Emarat Al Youm (Standard Arabic: الإمارات اليوم, al-Imārāt al-yawm - meaning The Emirates Today) is an Arabic newspaper published by Dubai Media Incorporated
Emarat, Iran
Emarat or Imarat or Amarat (Persian: عمارت‎) may refer to: Emarat, Ardabil Emarat, East Azerbaijan Emarat, Kazerun, Fars Province Emarat, Rostam, Fars
Caucasus Emirate
Department of State. 26 May 2011. Retrieved 24 June 2017. "QE.E.131.11. EMARAT KAVKAZ". Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999)
Emarat, Kazerun
Emarat (Persian: عمارت‎, also Romanized as ‘Emārat and ‘Emāret; also known as ‘Emārat-e Mollā-ye Anār, Imārat, and Mollā Anār) is a village in Khesht
Emarat, Lorestan
Emarat (Persian: عمارت‎, also Romanized as ‘Emārat and ‘Amārat) is a village in Dorud Rural District, in the Central District of Dorud County, Lorestan
Emarat, Markazi
Emarat (Persian: عمارت‎, also Romanized as Emārat, ‘Amārat, and ‘Imarat) is a village in Qarah Kahriz Rural District, Qarah Kahriz District, Shazand County
Emarat, Ilam
Emarat (Persian: عمارت‎, also Romanized as ‘Emārat) is a village in Rudbar Rural District, Central District, Sirvan County, Ilam Province, Iran. At the