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April 2020

Domain engineering
Domain engineering, also called product line engineering, is the entire process of reusing domain knowledge in the production of new software systems
Domain (software engineering)
known as domain engineering. The word domain is also taken as a synonym of application domain. It is also seen as a sphere of knowledge. Domain-driven design
Product-family engineering
Product-family engineering (PFE), also known as product-line engineering, is a synonym for "domain engineering" created by the Software Engineering Institute
Domain model
engineering, a domain model is a conceptual model of the domain[definition needed] that incorporates both behaviour and data. In ontology engineering
Domain analysis
In software engineering, domain analysis, or product line analysis, is the process of analyzing related software systems in a domain to find their common
Domain-specific language
and use of appropriate DSLs is a key part of domain engineering, by using a language suitable to the domain at hand – this may consist of using an existing
Domain may refer to: Domain of a function, the set of input values for which the function is defined Domain of discourse, the set of entities over which
Domain knowledge
software engineering domain knowledge is knowledge about the environment in which the target system operates, for example, software agents. Domain knowledge
Domain name
hostname registry and in 1983 the Domain Name System was introduced on the ARPANET and published by the Internet Engineering Task Force as RFC 882 and RFC
Automotive engineering
Manufacturing domain deals with the creation and assembling the whole parts of automobiles is also included in it. The automotive engineering field is research