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November 2018

Cultural depictions of elephants
relationship with elephants that goes back thousands of years." Indian rock reliefs include a number of depictions of elephants, notably the Descent of the Ganges
The Elephants
Dalí Museum in Spain. There are various cultural depictions of elephants, where they are often viewed as symbols of strength, dominance and power due to
Cultural depictions of lions
Cultural depictions of lions are known in European, African and Asian countries. The lion has been an important symbol to humans for tens of thousands
Cultural depictions of turtles
significance that was meant to ward off evil. Amulets and objects with depictions of the turtles represent the turtle as a force to defend health and life
Elephants in Thailand
domesticated elephants left in Thailand and roughly a thousand wild elephants. It became an endangered species in 1986. There are two species of elephant: African
War elephant
presence of wild elephants in the Yellow River valley in Shang China (1600–1100 BC) may suggest that they also used elephants in warfare. The wild elephant populations
Cultural depictions of Hannibal
This page lists the cultural depictions of Hannibal, a Carthaginian general. List of derivative works (novels unless otherwise noted): 29 to 19 BC: Upon
African Elephant (sculpture)
work at the time. 1982 in art Cultural depictions of elephants List of public art in Houston "African Elephant". City of Houston. Retrieved 2017-04-28
Nobunaga the Fool
Unlike most characters, his Giant War Armor is shaped similar to that of an elephant. He is killed by Uesugi Kenshin. Magellan (マゼラン, Mazeran) Voiced by: Yoshitsugu
The Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel
clips, animation, and commentary to teach the viewers about historic and cultural events. It was "hosted" by the eccentric scientist Professor Kitzel, whose