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October 2020

Cơm tấm
Cơm Tấm or Com Tam (US: /kʌm təm/; Vietnamese: [kəːm tə̌m]) is a Vietnamese dish made from rice with fractured rice grains. Tấm refers to the broken rice
The Story of Tam and Cam
The Story of Tấm and Cám (Vietnamese: Tấm Cám) is an ancient Vietnamese fairy tale. The first part of the tale's plot is very similar to the European folk
Broken rice
break), Thailand, Bangladesh and elsewhere in South East Asia. In Vietnam, cơm tấm (literally "broken rice") is a popular rice dish with pork. Thieboudienne
Nước chấm
coconut water as the sweetener. Nước mắm pha is typically served with: Cơm tấm, a rice dish with meat, poultry, eggs, seafood or vegetables. The toppings
List of rice dishes
clay-pot cooking, crafting cơm tấm (broken rice), caramelized pork belly," Meera Freeman The Flavours of Vietnam 2004 - Page 42 "Cơm tấm - broken rice. 3 cups
of sauce, mỡ hành (Welsh onion fried in oil), is used in dishes such as cơm tấm, bánh ít and cà tím nướng. Welsh onion is the main ingredient in the dish
Nem nướng
thịt nướng [lit. "Grilled meat with rice noodles"], and on rice, e.g. Cơm tấm. Nem nướng is a common filler in gỏi cuốn (meat/seafood, fresh vegetables
List of pork dishes
Char siu Chicharrón Chori burger Ciccioli Cochinita pibil Cochonnaille Cơm tấm Cotechino Modena Crackling bread Crispy pata Crubeens Sliced chả lụa served
Sườn nướng
dish is called cơm sườn nướng, as cơm refers to "cooked rice" in Vietnamese. It can also be served on top of cơm tấm (broken rice). Cơm sườn nướng Galbi
Chả trứng
usually served with hot rice, cucumber and chili sauce. The broken rice dish cơm tấm bì (skin) comes with a chả trứng egg meatloaf. Chả rươi is a special seasonal