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May 2019

Anemic domain model
Anemic domain model is the use of a software domain model where the domain objects contain little or no business logic (validations, calculations, business
Business object
the business relationships. A domain model where business objects do not have behaviour is called an anemic domain model. Business objects separate state
GRASP (object-oriented design)
does not). This kind of class is called a "service" in domain-driven design. Anemic domain model Design pattern (computer science) Design Patterns (book)
assemblage of ill-related components Anemic domain model: The use of the domain model without any business logic. The domain model's objects cannot guarantee their
Plain old Java object
Accordingly, the programming model is still very much like the pure POJO model. Data transfer object (DTO) Anemic domain model A Plain old Java Interface
Man Ray
Man Ray also assisted Marcel Duchamp with the cinematography of his film Anemic Cinema (1926), and Ray personally manned the camera on Fernand Léger's Ballet
Engelbart's law
for improving our improvement, Engelbart's law chides us against choosing anemic measures of change in performance. Linear rates, or simple compound rates
Interstellar (film)
target galaxy. Thorne described the accretion disk of the black hole as "anemic and at low temperature—about the temperature of the surface of the sun,"
Blood doping
chloride, CoCl2). Cobalt chloride has been known to be useful in treating anemic patients. Recent experimental evidence has proved the efficacy of cobalt
Mortal Kombat: Deception
ports were better, while also commenting on Goro's appearance, which looks "anemic". In his review, GameSpy's Miguel Lopez wrote the GameCube version "is far