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August 2020

AA tree
An AA tree in computer science is a form of balanced tree used for storing and retrieving ordered data efficiently. AA trees are named for Arne Andersson
Abampere (aA), the CGS unit of current Attoampere (aA), a unit of electric current equal to 10−18 Ampere AA tree, named after Arne Andersson AA, the abbreviation
List of data structures
Conc-tree list Xor linked list Zipper Doubly connected edge list also known as half-edge Difference list Free list AA tree AVL tree Binary search tree Binary
Binary tree
complete binary tree this way versus each node having pointer/s to its sibling/s. 2–3 tree 2–3–4 tree AA tree Ahnentafel AVL tree B-tree Binary space partitioning
Aap Ke Aa Jane Se
Aap Ke Aa Jane Se (International Title: Age is just a number) is an Indian soap opera which aired on Zee TV from 15 January 2018 to 31 May 2019. Produced
Self-balancing binary search tree
tree include: 2–3 tree AA tree AVL tree B-tree Red–black tree Scapegoat tree Splay tree Treap Weight-balanced tree Self-balancing binary search trees
Kruskal's tree theorem
A lower bound for n(4), and hence an extremely weak lower bound for TREE(3), is AA(187196)(1), where A() is a version of Ackermann's function: A ( x )
2–3 tree
trees can be applied to 2-3 trees as well. 2–3–4 tree 2–3 heap AA tree B-tree (a,b)-tree Finger tree Knuth, Donald M (1998). "6.2.4". The Art of Computer
Red–black tree
structures Tree data structure Tree rotation AA tree, a variation of the red-black tree AVL tree B-tree (2-3 tree, 2-3-4 tree, B+ tree, B*-tree, UB-tree) Scapegoat
Stack (abstract data type)
array tree Sparse matrix Linked Association list Linked list Skip list Unrolled linked list XOR linked list Trees B-tree Binary search tree AA tree AVL